With this project, we have modernized the existing system in Büyükdere and Kuzuludere promotion centers, which are located on the European side of İSKİ.


In project scope;

The pumps in the existing system have been dismantled. Büyükdere pump power 800 kW, 5 units,
The supply, installation and commissioning of new pumps with 6.3 kV 500 lt / s horizontal shaft, double suction are provided. In Kuzuludere, pump power 380V-200 kW and 4 200 lt / sec pumps were supplied, installed and commissioned.

The engines in the existing system were disassembled, and 5, 6.3 kV-800kW new engines were supplied, assembled and commissioned.
The resistive starters in the existing system have been disassembled. Instead, 5 MV 6,3 kV-800kW Soft starter has been installed, installed and commissioned.
17 medium voltage cells are supplied, assembled and commissioned.
The compensation system of the existing system was disassembled and the compensation panels were installed and commissioned according to the new system.
Disassembly of the low voltage distribution board with drawers in the current system and supply, installation and commissioning of AGDP with drawers.
The control panel in the current system was disassembled, replaced, installed and commissioned.
All cable cabling works of the upgrade center have been renewed.
Hitachi EHV + modular serial PLC and 10 E touch panel are preferred on the control panel.
MV switchgear, compensation panels and motors are controlled manually and automatically via the control panel.
In the facility, 36 kVA generator is activated automatically when power cuts are experienced.
The automation system can be integrated into the central SCADA system of ISKI.
After all the operations were completed, on-site testing and commissioning were carried out, the system was delivered to the contractor as a turnkey operation.

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