iTRANS-2 detectors with high electronic performance

measurement and communication. The 4-digit 7-segment LCD display can be used to read the measured values ​​for the two sensors easily and easily perform maintenance and calibration.

Oldham now manufactures new iTRANS-2 detectors with the MX43 series

The panels will operate in accordance with the iTRANS-2 gas detector with a single housing and can provide both sensor integration with both maximum

is able to offer solution with both flexibility and low cost. Integrated

onboard and remote sensor application for two sensors

can be presented to the user’s preference.

Measurement can be performed by selecting the onboard sensor when it is mounted on the environment.

If desired, the sensor is placed in the measuring point with the help of the remotesensor application, and the detector can be positioned at a point where maintenance and calibration can be done easily. The measured values ​​for two sensors can be read from the detector easily on the 4 digit 7 segment LCD display.

Maintenance and calibration can be done easily.

The detector supports modbus communication protocol, can output 4-20Ma. In addition, the relay output to the detector can also be added as needed. All of these sensor specifications of the exproof aluminum

or stainless steel case. The detector can work independently with alarm devices (Siren-Flood Siren-Flare) in stand-alone applications with the addition of the optional relay in the order stage.

With the support of modbus communication, ITRANS gas detectors can work in loop logic with WX and MX43 panels. Thanks to detectors connected on a single cable line

cable-cabling costs are minimized. Modbus protocol outside the gas measurement information

Calibration measurement values ​​and other data (last calibration, response time, etc.) can be carried to the center.

iTRANS-2 detectors are able to offer the IR sensor option that is not available in the first produced iTRANS detectors. This sensor can detect more sensitive and faster detection of flammable gases

the need for calibration and maintenance will be reduced.

iTRANS-2 also managed to go one step beyond the first series with the support of HART communication protocol.

MX43 Panels can be easily used in many applications with their flexible design and features.

One of the most distinctive features of the MX43 panel is its ability to connect analog and digital input modules with detectors to communication channels. In different projects with different configurations

can offer solutions according to their needs. The MX43 panel is available in 4 and 8-channel versions. MX43 series peneller 4-channel version with 16 address, 8-channel version with 32 address

Supports system design up to. Data logging, graphical display, on-board relays and boolean functions such as AND, OR, NOR, NAND.

The smart MX43 panels allow the user to test scenarios without test gas in the simulation mode. During this time, the detector is not supplied with gas and the detector detection values ​​are changed via the panel.

it is checked whether the panel outputs work within the scenario.

In the calibration mode with the MX43 panel, when the detector is supplied with gas for test or calibration, it is necessary to activate the output of the scenario and to be active in the warning devices such as siren, flasher etc.


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