Runway lighting system and monitoring automation were carried out in İsparta Kara Aviation School Command Airport. Hitachi EHV modular serial PLC and Movicon SCADA are preferred in the project.
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In project scope;
* Runway lighting and monitoring was carried out on 7 computers from 5 different locations.

* Movicon SCADA system is designed to be easily detected by the user through various simulations.

* There are two PLC configurations in the system. PLCs control a total of 35 CCRs (Constant Current Regulators). These two PLCs communicate with fiber optic communication network.

* 2 duplex runways, 1 one-way runway and 2 helicopter runways are provided.

* 35 CCR (Constant Current Ragulator) control and monitoring has been performed within automation with various aviation scenarios.

* Various military war scenarios have been made to check the system with automatic authorization.

* At the user level, all movements, events and alarms for the past are taken as reports. Thus, all movements of the operator are recorded.

* Outside the runway, apron, taxiway and lighting of various locations have been made to work automatically.

* Foreign users are prevented from interfering in different user and authority levels.

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