Melen-2 pump station was established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ISKI General Directorate for meet the water needs of Istanbul. 11 kV Soft Starters is a Metal Clad system. Also “All in One” solution were applied for this Project.   A compact solution is presented in 23,20 meters. (2xIncoming cabinent, 1xBus coupler, 10xPFC ve 10xSoft Starter  systems in the same place.)

Of this facility, MV and all automation SCADA works made by “ABC Enser Automation” company.

Scope of Supply;

  • 8 pcs. 11 kV, 4500 kW; 1,7 m3/sn and

2 pcs. 11 kV, 2700 kW;  1,0 m3/sn to pump motors IGEL Soft Starter  are used.

  • Automation system is Redundant Hitachi PLC and Redundant Movicon
  • 42” LCD Monitor and 10” Hitachi Operator Panel (HMI) are used for process monitoring and control.
  • The 154 kV switchgear field was installed energy
  • monitoring automation.
  • Between reservoir and pump station comunication are fiberoptical.
  • The water taken from Melen is transferred to the loading tank with 10 piece MV pump
  • Istanbul water flow is provided by the gravity from here.

(Input DN3000, Output 2xDN2500 type pipe)

Control and command informations of all the equipment in the system will be gathered from the field via PLCs and It will be transferred to the SCADA computer in the control room. Thus, all the equipment in the system will be monitored online via SCADA.

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