AC Motor Drive System and Radio Frequency communication based system Automation

Izmit is known with high density of industries and high income per capita. The city has suffered severe drought during 2007, which led to the critical conditions at Yuvacık Dam.  The Yuvacık dam is the major source of clean water for the city habitants and the industries.


The large water pump station erected at the Sapanca lake is used for providing water to the Yuvacık dam to avoid the future shortcomings of water.

ABC ENSER has supplied the medium voltage soft starters and complete automation package for the pump station. The motors are 6300Volts and 1250 kW each.  The monitoring and control of the valves and transmitters located on the pipeline is done via radio frequency systems due to the length of the pipeline.



Radio frequency communication, PLC and SCADA system details are as following;

Ø  The water pipeline from lake to the dam is through remote areas and communication between the stations is done via radio modems.

Ø  The system is composed 5 control stations. The communication between the stations is wireless.

Ø  Each station has a local PLC/RTU for monitoring and controlling of data coming from transmitters for pressure, level, fault and running conditions.

Ø  A centrally located SCADA system allows the monitoring and control of the entire system.

The system composed of communication system, PLC, SCADA, transmitters and electrical switchgear is delivered as turn key solution to the client.

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