Halkalı district of Istanbul characterized by the modern housing complexes developed over the past few years.  The clean water usage of the district located to the business centers shows a great variation through the week.  Weekdays consumption peaks during evenings, which is exceeded at the weekends by a large margin.

The municipality of Istanbul has preferred ABC ENSER solution for modernizing the pump station supplying drinking water to the area.

The retrofit project was requested to meet the varying water demand of the region, with minimum down time of the pump station.

Pump station is running based on the water demand from the region with the help of the automation system supplied by ABC ENSER.

Automation system keeps the output pressure of the pump station at the desired value.  The pumps are started and the pump speed is controlled using frequency converters resulting at the highest level of comfort while saving electric energy.  The control of the pump station is done by a Hitachi PLC.

The data from the pump station is recorded and displayed by the SCADA software.

The energy consumed by the system is measured by IME (ime) power analyzers and it is integrated to the SCADA system via modbus communication system.  WEB based system allows remote access to the system parameters.


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